Your judgement dictates my (side) gaze. Here’s the ‘truth’: life is a shooting gallery, you’re lucky most days until you’re not. Jaye Early


Size (cm): 123 x 152
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
An intention of my work is to consciously transform my personal dislocations into visual strategies of self-disclosure. This informal, somewhat abstruse, double self-portrait is a reflection of this. It is, on various levels, an unconscious attempt to grasp
and play with notions of intimacy and alienation. Stylistically, the painting is incongruous and painterly. It playfully and extemporaneously attempts to converge an expressive, almost semi-figurative, abstraction with bursts of high-key colours and anti-realism to reveal subtle layers of absurdity and innocence that often accompany my experiences of disaffection and estrangement.

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