Bound (My Mum, Prometheus) by Blake Griffiths


Size (cm): 66 x 76
Linen & Cotton
Bound (My Mum, Prometheus) reflects on the act of binding and its applied use throughout history. As a weaving, the act of binding is inherent; warp is crossed with weft in repetition and through the action of beating becomes a site where many become one.

In subject, the work references the ancient Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound and considers the way we relate to myth, how we are bound to origin stories and how we bind new ones.

Prometheus, in the background of the work, was punished by Zeus for stealing and gifting fire to humanity. As punishment Prometheus was bound to a rock in a cycle of eternal torment.

The foreground features the image of the artists mother unwillingly bound to a column on the eve of her hen night as she was slathered with tomato sauce and alcohol. While not eternal torment, a temporary one symbolically marking a changed life.

It questions the act of making and its ability to bind and re-bind ourselves in cycles of history.

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