Notting Hill by Brenton Drechsler


Size (cm): 76 x 102
Oil on Board
My partner has become a reoccurring motif in my work. He is my travel companion, friend, and accomplice. We have been together 15 years and I owe my practice to him entirely. Often in years past, I would watch him ascend staircases in front of me and imagine the scene compositionally. It took many years of painting and arts-education to arrive at a point where I can paint my imaginative thought process in this way. The source photograph for this image was taken a day in Notting Hill, London. My partner and I spent the time there meandering the streets and commenting on the character and charm of each dwelling. That interaction and engagement fuels my arts practice as it imbeds notions of intimacy and familiarity within foreign surrounds. This generates a sense of tension and intrigue in each composition as my partner is (partially) present, which speaks to disclosure. His boat shoes are something of a legend in my family, as are his colourful chinos.

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