PLUNDER by Wendy Miller


Size (cm): 54 x 63
Glass crystals, graphite, acrylic paint on matte film recycled wood frame.
Wendy Miller is an emerging artist, currently creating on Gadigal land and a recent graduate with a MFA- Drawing, National Art School, Across video, installation, objects, and mixed media, Miller explores contemporary themes of value, ruin, and ecological disorder resulting from European empires and their institutional structures.

By highlighting the greed of the British monarchy, PLUNDER sheds light on the practices of exploitation of natural resources during the era of Empire and colonisation, particularly focusing on precious stones plundered from colonies in the South and East. The relief image of Queen Victoria, the British monarch at the height of the British Empire, symbolises the blindness of the dominant British culture. Only the precious stones are visible, underscoring the colonisers avarice.

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