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By 13 December 2023No Comments

Monday January 8th – Klee’s Holiday – Landscape Painting with Joanna Cole

‘For Klee, making an art of landscape was not…an exclusive category…He did not seek to challenge nature but to learn from its methods, he did not approach the external landscape as matter for
interpretation but as a matrix of experience – landscape meant a certain scale, certain modes of colour, an atmosphere, a tracing of memories, a sense of community, a metaphor for even wider spaces.’In this 6 hour-long workshop we will take a short walk outside. We will start with charcoal & graphite tonal drawings, and move into colour – gouache & acrylic painting.

Tuesday January 9th – Charcoal Drawing with Andrew Antoniou

Welcome to our Introduction To Charcoal Drawing Class, where you’ll embark on a creative journey into the world of charcoal artistry.

This course is designed for aspiring artists with no prior experience, offering a hands-on exploration of charcoal’s rich, expressive possibilities.

Learn fundamental techniques such as shading, blending, and texture creation while discovering the power of contrast and depth. Our supportive environment fosters your artistic growth, and by the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence and skills to create captivating charcoal masterpieces. Join us and unlock your inner artist today!

Wednesday January 10th – Introduction to Abstraction with Yaeli Ohana

Join Yaeli to spend the day having fun while learning to paint more abstractly, and take home paintings that you’d love to hang on your wall.

Working with acrylics, brushes and alternative tools, you’ll learn techniques to both distort from nature and employ your own imagination.

By the end of this workshop, you will be more confident in handling paint, producing engaging non-representational images, and have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for different types of Abstract Art.

Thursday January 11th – Drawing with Silverpoint with Lisa McKimmie

Enjoy drawing with ancient and new materials and techniques while exploring a little chemistry and art history at the same time. This is a metal point drawing class that will show you how to repare surfaces and use soft metals to draw on panel and paper. Soft metals in their pure or close to pure form (such as silver, gold, lead, copper and zinc) are used to make drawing marks. Silver point was used by Leonardo Da Vinci and Albrecht Durer and predates drawing with graphite pencils. No sharpener required so especially useful for plein air sketching! You will explore drawing with scrap metals from the building and roofing trades, with a traditional silver stylus and with jewelry and utensils made from copper, zinc, silver and other soft metals. After this class you will have a working knowledge of Metalpoint drawing and another string to your bow and finally something useful to do with old broken silverware, jewelry and plumber’s off cuts!

Friday January 12th – Weaving with Liz Williamson

In this introductory weaving workshop you will learn to weave on a frame loom using traditional tapestry and weaving techniques with lots of texture, colour and materials. Create a small weaving that tells a story in thread by learning how to weave simple shapes, lines and patterns while exploring colour, pattern and texture with weft faced weaving techniques.

No weaving experience is necessary for this class, just an interest in creating your own small weaving that captures your ideas.The workshop will run over one 2 x 3 hour sessions on one day. Session 1 will introduce setting up the frame loom (supplied) for weaving, basic weaving techniques using different materials. Session 2 will include more detailed techniques, time to finish your weaving and how to finish your weaving once its completed.

Saturday January 13th – Screen Printing with Anthony Bartok

Anthony Bartok is a Sydney based painter and print maker who specialises in screen printing and image transfer methods. During this workshop he will demonstrate the principles of hand cut stencil screen printing and you will produce a small edition of a three colour screen print.
Anthony Bartok is a 2022 MFA graduate of the National Art School, and has been a finalist in among others: The Waverley Art Prize (2022), Lester Prize for Portraiture (2020), The Kilgour Art Prize (2019) and Winner of the Fisher’s Ghost Award for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking (2016).