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Congratulations to the 2023 9×5 Landscape Prize Winners

By 9 December 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments

A big congratulations to:

First Prize: Yasmin Paterson, Workers Huts Parklands

Second Prize: Ilona Jetmar, Untitled #623

Highly Commended: Michelle Hiscock, New Fig, Barangaroo 

Here’s what the judges had to say about these works:

First Prize: Yasmin Paterson for Workers Huts Parklands
A modest work, we really had the sense of the artist sitting there at that place, working out the composition – we could see evidence of slight adjustments made and therefore the artist’s mind and hand at work.
We felt that this work draws in the viewer with a beautiful ensemble of colour, shape and brush work, and the viewer wonders where the subject is located. We enjoyed the risks that the artist took in their decisions, such as the horizontal blue shadow across the composition, and we feel that all these risks have paid off.

Second Prize: Ilona Jetmar for Untitled #623
Accomplished and confident execution, which draws the viewer in and holds our gaze as we wonder and make sense of the warm glowing light emanating through the trees. The artist has made a firm commitment beforehand about a certain atmosphere and sense of movement and we liked the courage in the artist’s conviction with that choice.

Highly Commended: Michelle Hiscock for New Fig, Barangaroo
The highly accomplished brushwork and attention to detail in the forms in the foreground make this piece captivating. We felt an on and off engagement with this piece and we kept returning to it. We sense the artist at work in nature, making decisions and engaging with the sense of place. We look towards the city, across the water and think of the history of this place in the title, New Fig Barangaroo.

Gina Bruce and Ashley Frost, Judges

Click here to view the finalist gallery