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Who We Are: Peter Krochmal

By 15 February 2023No Comments

1. How long have you been at WWAS?

Counting the COVID closures, about 2 years.


2. Where do you travel from each week?

Bondi Beach.


3. What class do you do at WWAS?

I’ve been doing Amanda Doctor’s Watercolour Painting courses. I started in her afternoon class. This year, I am doing her evening class as well as her Plein Air Painting class, which I’m very much looking forward to starting soon.


4. What do you do when you are not creating?

Does waiting for paint to dry count? The usual stuff, fiddle in the garden, cook, amuse the dog (Murphy), gym, think about cleaning and doing the washing.


5. What are you reading or listening to?

Very mixed…like reading crime but not psycho, more Chandler/Hammett-ish but not Agatha Christie (no poison daggers in drawing rooms stuff). Musically…nothing on commercial radio. Drifting towards mid-America re-imaging of roots music…Pokey LaFarge, Builders and the Butchers, The Dead South …and of course roots reggae/ska and Clash.


6. Who is your tutor and what do you like about them?

Amanda Doctor. I like the no nonsense way she teaches. Amanda demonstrates the basic stuff but then allows and directs you to expand and experiment with what she has shown you and offers “subtle” but much appreciated suggestions.


7. Why did you join WWAS? or Why do you keep coming back to WWAS?

I was at bit of a loose end after retiring (gardening/plants take along time to grow) and had accumulated some art materials over the years. Rather than chuck it out, I thought… “might as well learn to properly use it”. WWAS is just up the road so it was a no-brainer. I keep coming back because I want to learn more, meet people and I enjoy painting.


8. What are you currently working on?

Trying to improve my technique, find my own style (pretentious moi?) and paint the heat of a summer afternoon.


9. What inspires or motivates your art practice?

I want to be a better painter…there is so much to learn, and how to apply it to make it a better painting.


10. Who are your favourite artists?

There are so many that have bits and pieces that I like but there is only Turner.


11. What would you say to someone thinking about taking an art class at WWAS?

Book yourself into the next class ASAP.