Staggercatch by Alice Palmer


Alice Laura Palmer is an artist and educator who skillfully merges classical academic art training with contemporary expressions, examining the residue of methodology within technique-driven paintings and genre scenes. With a strong foundation from her education at the Florence Academy of Art, she pursues technical excellence while actively engaging in concept-driven creative projects.

Following her graduation, Alice’s debut exhibition, “Odyssey”, premiered at the esteemed Glade Art Foundation’s new gallery space in Houston, Texas. She continues to exhibit frequently in various locations, including New York, Houston, and Australia, where she draws inspiration from the vibrant arts culture. In 2023, Alice presented two solo shows, “Bodies of Work” and “Intercept”, where she expands her conceptual framework by rendering dreamlike landscapes through the lens of lived bodily experiences. Her unique approach goes beyond traditional boundaries, as her durational performance-painting hybrid at the Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf invites visitors to actively engage with her artistic process. This experimental form of visitor engagement intervenes at a granular level, breaking open the visual vocabulary she works in and revealing the hybridity of genre.

Alice’s work explores the uses of iconographic bodily representations and delves into the fragmented nature of cognitive function.A key focus in her work is hybridity of genre, exposing the uses of iconographic bodily representations and exploring the fractionated nature of cognitive function.  By breaking open the traditional genres of portraiture and still life, she creates “metaportraits” that offer psychological and sociological landscapes that speak to gender, societal roles, cognitive lacunae and the pop-culture touchstones of shared existence.

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