Lithic Atom 1 by Declan Jenkins


Oil on canvas

Declan Jenkins (born 1984) lives and works in Naarm/Melbourne. He completed a BA (Hons) in Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art and a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the RA Schools. He has made work across various media including Painting, Printmaking and Performance.

He has exhibited at Miami Basel and Hong Kong Art Fair and held two solo exhibitions with Sims Reed Gallery London. His works have featured in Flaunt and the Royal Academy of Arts Magazine.

More recently his work has shifted towards a painting practice based on an idiosyncratic ‘archaeological realism’. Working from photographic source material, he paints objects and rituals used to support new age belief systems that appropriate the deep past as well as the technological subconscious. His paintings explore the materiality of myth, through manifesting enigmatic or fraudulent objects that support speculative or anomalous claims. These are often serial in nature, mapping an ‘archive of the impossible’ used as the basis of beliefs.

Here the glitches and lacunae of ‘the poor image’ are embraced as painterly sensuality, while the incidental features of photographs are transformed into formal, compositional elements. Jenkins is interested in painting’s failure to communicate and the role of the viewer’s own need to believe in the activation of the image.

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