Listening device #11_ The Ulysees Pact by Eric Lobbecke


mixed media (plasticine, digital painting and oil painting on archival canvas)

Eric Löbbecke born 1966, Sydney based artist and Waverley resident for 43 years. Exhibiting fine art painting practiced since 2008 alongside his professional cartooning/illustration career drawing for THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper since 1988. Finalist in the waverley art prize and the Dobell Drawing Prize in 2008, 4 times Walkley award recipient, ACA cartoonist of the year 1993, and first prize in the Amnesty international Australian Media awards. In 2019 after completing 2 Masters of fine art degrees at UNSW Art & Design, one in coursework, followed up with a research grant, he attended the Cartooning Global conference in Paris, presenting “WORK IN PROGRESS” a new cartoonist working Model. He Also spoke on (Disrupting Traditional Cartooning in the Digital Age) at the 26th AHSN Annual Conference at Griffith University 2020. IN 2023, he Presented his “Listening Devices” body of work at Sydney University, which preceded “Overwhelming” paintings, a second solo exhibition at Stella Downer Fine Art in April.

Eric’s art practice continues his research on new technology as an adaptive tool for painters to create paintings utilising the traditional analogue methodologies, to digitally create “Unique 2d artworks” through a process of sculpture, digital painting outputted on canvas, enhanced by a final application of oil painting.

His subjects are temporal “Random thought” observations of our time in history past and present, to document the creation of new language and the emergence of a more inclusive voice.

He is currently represented by Stella Downer Fine Art.

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