Deconstructed Painting Burnt Orange by Graziela Guardino


Size (cm): 96 x 96
Acrylic on unraveled linen
Deconstructed Painting – Burnt Orange -starts with the deconstruction of linen, re-signifying the support and materiality of both the painting and textile works. Rather than adding layers, the artist removes them.
It is in this unraveling of the wefts that the artist’s work reveals itself. Deconstructed Painting is the result of experimentation and studies of materials, forming a unique visual language of minimalist abstraction. It is based on deconstruction to explore new possibilities of reading about reconnection, the femininity, and ancestry.
The artwork invites us to reflect on the role of femininity in our history and to reimagine the stories that have shaped our identities. The artist retraces our way of thinking about the construction of the textile painting, from ancestral to contemporary.

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