Autumn by Nadera Rasulova


Nadera Rasulova is a Sydney based, emerging artist, who draws inspiration from her advocacy work within the environment and sustainability sector. Her practice marries together her cultural Uzbek upbringing and love for her land and country, Australia. Nadera’s work can be interpreted as patchwork topographies of the natural environment that surrounds her. The upward and downward strokes of oil paint represent the craftsmanship of Uzbek weaving. In an attempt to walk the talk, the artist utilises canvas and linen offcuts from her local art store, bringing value back to materials otherwise considered as waste. Nadera’s abstract works symbolise the confusion that comes with the lack of action and unity in implementing solutions to address climate related issues. Nadera is a 2022 National Emerging Artist Prize finalist and 2023 Environmental Art & Design Prize finalist.

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