Réflexion by Dagmar Cyrulla


Oil on linen

Melbourne-based artist Dagmar Cyrulla is Archibald and Moran finalist. She constructs contemporary narratives in her paintings and sculptures, encouraging contemplation and discussion of what it is to be human in this ever-changing and socially challenging world. As Dagmar explains, ‘My paintings are about what it is like to be human. They are an interpretation of experiences, choices, and moments. The moments I capture are not staged; they are snapshots of time.’

Acknowledging our struggles, Dagmar allows a fervent optimism to shine from her works, ‘It gives me hope in our future when you see the world through the eyes of the people rather than social media’. For Dagmar, ‘My work is about feelings, based on how we relate to one another. My aim is to engage the viewer in the same thought process as mine, to open an opportunity to self-questioning. My paintings are stories which hopefully reflect my love of people. The life experiences I use to develop my work include father and daughter relationships, power relationships, being and having a role model, sibling rivalry etc.’

Dagmar’s works have been selected as either the winner or finalist in many significant art prizes including the Archibald & Moran. She has had many solo and group exhibitions. Dagmar has been awarded national and international residencies and grants and her works are held in both private and public collections.

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