Alone with a thousand eyes. Sophie Bray


Size (cm): 71.5 x 81.5
oil on linen
The purple rocks glowed in the star light, the branches reach into the night. Walking along the river bed alone with a thousand eyes.

I am interested in the ability of natural forces to act as symbols of the ‘unseen’. My practice reflects upon the dual nature of the environment, both its resilience and fragility. This piece began as a translation of my experience at Fowlers Gap in the arid zone of the NSW desert in Wilyakali country while walking at night. The transparent layers of pigments echo the jewel like nature of the rocks, reflections and light of the desert night.
My painting series seeks to capture the effects of light on the land – painting the light and colour within subjects before their appearance. I am investigating vibrant grounds and how they activate monochromatic colour palettes. Pausing in the moment before the blending obliterates form and still alludes to representation, connecting to the immersive experience one feels in the landscape

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