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A new workshop just for HSC Art Students

By 15 March 2024No Comments

We are excited to launch this one day intensive workshop from Daryl Hossack for HSC Art Students in years 10, 11 and 12.

Many students taking HSC Art are struggling with where to begin or where to take their studies and projects. As such the aim of this workshop is to develop the Conceptual and Material frameworks of students preparing or currently involved in their HSC Body of Work. In this one day workshop Daryl will help students clarify their decision-making with the aim of alleviating stress in the art-making process and so they don’t lose themselves.

This wonderful interactive workshop will include both one-on-one consultations and independent work. Students will leave with confidence, more clarity and a plan!

You can enrol in this class as part of our Autumn School Holiday Program now live.