Verdure by Mishi Fox


41 x 14.5cm |

Eco-printing is the process of tying bundles of watercolour paper together with foliage, wrapping the bundle around a rusty tin, and boiling it in a natural dye bath.  When the bundle is untied, the picture that is revealed on the paper is astonishing.

Every eco-print is a one-of-a-kind and it is impossible to recapture the same image.  From the collecting of the plants, right through to unravelling each bundle; eco-printing inspires in me a creative joy and a connection to nature.

In Verdure, I used plants local to my home in The Blue Mountains. Some of the plants used are; Pouched Coral Fern, Pelargonium, Blue Grape Hyacinth, Silver gum and onion.

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