Still.Life by Michael Terkildsen


Michael Terkildsen is a Sydney-based artist creating highly detailed and intricate representations of the natural world using pen and ink. His artistic practice is largely representational, drawing inspiration from, and paying homage to the beauty of the natural environment. Through his drawing, he aspires to reflect the innate beauty, complexity, and fragility of our natural surroundings.

Michael’s artwork explores our perception of the natural world and the boundaries of our visual acuity, balancing broad strokes that captivate the eye with meticulous details that invite deeper exploration.

Michael works across a range of artistic mediums, most commonly pen and ink, but also charcoal, gauche and graphite on paper. He is attracted to the simplicity of working in monochrome, using the interplay of lines and shading to depict textures, and capture the play of light and shadow across his subjects.

His work was recently recognized as a finalist in the 2023 Dobell Prize for drawing.

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