Ikebana & the School of Sogetsu – NEW DATE TBC

ikebana 2

**Email your name and contact number to info@wwas.org.au to join our waitlist for this workshop to be notified when it is re-scheduled**


This class will be for beginners who would like to enjoy the simple

Art of Japanese flower arranging.  Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging.  Ikebana is more than simply putting flowers in a container.  Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living form which brings nature and humanity in harmony with one another.

Sogetsu is the most contemporary of all the schools in Japan and you will learn introductory and simple techniques which you

will be able to use and enjoy at home.

During the class I will give you some of the history of Ikebana,

present a slide show of arrangements and do some

demonstrations.   All participants will be able to enjoy making

a variety of arrangements and I will be on hand to help you and with

a full range of techniques and ideas. 


Material List for participants to bring:

  • Flowers and greenery of your choice: 2 different types of flowers and greenery- about 8 stems of each.
  • Branches or Bark : bring two branches or a piece of bark height should be about double the height of your vase (Susie will bring some branches to use as well)
  • One large garbage bag
  • Kenzan this can be purchased from a store selling Ikebana items or online: see https://www.koch.com.au/flower-holder-stayput-ikebana-supplies

(Susie will also bring a few to share)

  • Secateurs or cutters
  • Watering can with spout (useful) or jug
  • Vases of choice medium size, bring two or three
  • A Plastic bowl (for cutting flower stems under water)
  • Thin flower wire from hardware store or flower shop

Not essential if participants already have this could

be useful

Price: $150.00

This workshop runs from 4 April to 1 September, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm daily.