Environmental Art – A Mixed Media Approach – NEW DATE TBC

2. Autumn leaves with leafa

**Email your name and contact number to info@wwas.org.au to join our waitlist for this workshop to be notified when it is re-scheduled**


Make an artwork which focusses on the Environment! Students will create an artwork over 2

sessions inspired by a photograph which relates to an Environmental theme. The photograph can be included in the artwork.


With expert guidance and lots of one-on-one teaching, you will learn to create an imaginative

personal project incorporating images brought by you, or with those provided by the teacher,

re-envisioning found and discarded materials. Mixed media is used to encourage you to try

new things, moving beyond the concept of simply applying paint to canvas. You will be

encouraged to explore new combinations, and experiment with new techniques that are

adjustable and forgiving.


During the two days, you will learn how to create a ground on a canvas board or heavy

paper, how to attach images and found materials with glues, stitching or wire taking into

account composition, colour and placement. You will be invited to work with combinations of

media including painting, drawing, pastels, layering, collaging, texturizing, sgraffito, mono

and digital printing, rubbing, weaving and stitching. You will be guided in the use of photo

editing software on a tablet, laptop or PC.


While all levels are welcome, some prior painting and drawing experience is helpful.


Materials List:

Art materials are not included in the course fee. 

  • Bring a choice of one or more photographs, already printed, to include in your work. Can be figurative and/ or landscape whatever size you like to incorporate into an A4 or A3 sized artwork
  • Assemblage and mixed media items. Can be 2D images from magazines, old photos or 3D (small objects, bits of wood, plastic) as long as they can be glued or attached
  • A flat plastic or wooden palette (no wells)- an old large flat plate or tile works well.
  • Rags and a container for water 
  • an apron or old shirt to stop your clothes getting covered in paint or glue.


  •  Mary will bring mixed media heavyweight paper which has been painted with 2-3 coats of Gesso, in A4 or A3 size as a support to work on. If you have an A4 or A3 Canvas, or Board please bring it but pre gesso it with 2 or 3 coats of gesso.
  • Mary will also bring acrylic paints and mediums, brushes and palette knives to use. Bring your own paints and brushes if you have them. A large glue brush for painting grounds is also useful.
Price: $110

This workshop runs from 2 May to 1 September, from 10:00am to 2:30pm daily.