Bring Your Own Chair- Upholstery Workshop with Fiona Edmeades

Fiona Edmeades Upholstery workshop image by Marcus Walters Photographer

Experience the delight and satisfaction that creating something by hand brings to your life.

This course offers a wonderful introduction to the practical and traditional craft of upholstery.
Learn new skills and have some fun during this 2 day, bring-your-own-chair upholstery workshop. You will learn the skills to restore a chair of your own during the course and acquire the confidence to tackle new projects on your own.

You will learn the correct and safe procedures on how to strip your chair.
There will be a short introductory session regarding different approaches to restoring timber chair frames. A variety of techniques and materials for timber finishes will be discussed, (there is no practical element to this component, due to time restraints).

Tuition is tailored to each individual project, however demonstrations will be given to the group for every technique covered during class: in this way, students will be introduced to a broader set of skills, above and beyond the techniques needed to complete their own project.
DATES: 23 and 30 November 2019

Price: $330

This workshop takes place on 23 November, from 10:00 to 4:00pm.