Botanical Art Workshop with Shipra Shah

Shipra Shah Botanical Drawing and Painting

Botanical art is a unique and specialised art form which captures the colour, precision and detail of plants to realistically represent their natural beauty.

In this two day workshop, learn the techniques of sketching an object proportionately then use pencil and watercolours, with light and tone, to create depth and detail in your botanical art.

The first class is dedicated to exercises in creating depth with light and tone in an object with watercolours. In the second class the class aims at teaching the same principals of light, tone and depth in an actual specimen. At this course you will create a beautiful artwork that looks extremely realistic, while you explore the fundamental skills of capturing an object in water paints.

Workshop held over two days on Sunday 9 and 16 June 2019.

Course content

  • Main principles of botanical art
  • Tips on pencil sketching with detailing in an object
  • How to use watercolour and colour mixing
  • Exercises in watercolours to create depth in an object with light and tone
  • Shading and detailing in a botanical object with watercolour


At the end of this Drawing workshop you will have learned how to

  • sketch in pencil with detail and proportion
  • detailing in botanical art
  • apply watercolour with light, tone and detailing for an object
  • be confident to attempt an object in botanical art yourself
  • apply main principles of botanical art

Ideal for

This course is ideal for beginners and students that have some experience in watercolour.

All materials included.

Price: $160

This workshop takes place on 9 June, from 10:00am to 1:00pm.