Shipra Shah

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Shipra was born and grew up in India and later moved to Australia. She has trained in a premier art institute in Mumbai, India and has a 5-year degree in fine arts and a certification in training and assessment. She has worked as a set Designer and Visual Merchandiser for seven years and gained extensive experience in Store Planning and Graphic Art.

She loves admiring nature and has interesting observations about flora and fauna in the different places she has lived in.

Her strengths are watercolour, pencil shading and detailing in both the mediums. Over the years her works include illustration jobs for clothing brands, art workshops in corporate firms and detailed watercolour paintings. Her eye for detail and perseverance to translate into her work has been consistent. She believes in translating the beautiful nature into art and believes in one motto, “simplicity breeds extraordinary work”

After moving to Australia, she developed a special affinity towards creating botanical artworks in watercolour, taking the native Australian botanicals as her subjects. She is fascinated with the translucence and finesse of watercolours which is why she has been using them as a preferred medium since the beginning of her art career.

She lived in a splendid town home surrounded with flora and fauna where she started enjoying gardening and collecting leaves and intriguing remains of plants. Her inspiration and creativity are at its peak in the wee hours of the mornings when she is out and about admiring the nature. She is also an animal lover and has a lovely dog that also plays an important role in her interest in nature. Whenever she goes for strolls with him, she loves observing and admiring various leaves and flowers around.

She is always intrigued by the dry leaves and twigs or any plant remains around and collects them during her long walks as raw material for her artworks. Fresh vegetables and fruits from various farmers markets around the city is her recent love and she plans to develop a detailed artwork with these subjects as an inspiration in this New Year. She is often awestruck by the colourful patterns and beautiful natural hues sprayed across seasonal fresh produce pumpkins, various varieties of squash and pears. She also likes portraying various stages of fruits and vegetables ripening over time by rendering and watercolour.

This combined with her passion for watercolour painting gave her the fuel to start formal training in Watercolour and Botanical Art after which she never looked back.
Showing and selling her artwork in various events and exhibitions has given her a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from art connoisseurs to motivate her in continuing to create art pieces inspired from nature. She has further enriched her experience by attending workshops by renowned artists from around the world.

Teaching in various art institutes across Brisbane and Sydney has further enriched her experience and she is now a well-recognized watercolour and botanical artist, tutor and illustrator.
Botanical art is her spirit’s true passion.

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