Helen Cameron


Helen is inspired by the world around her. Her painterly works are foci of emotion and colourist expression.  A fundamental aspect of Helen’s work is her use of “raw mark-making,” the final phase in the creation of each work. Helen draws and incises “in the moment,” in a semi-unplanned manner; each mark is inspired by the one before it. This creates an experience of intricacy in the close-up view, not anticipated in the painterly, broad brushstrokes first encountered from a distance. Colour is the other prominent inspiration reflected.

Helen teaches art classes for children and says that her students’ liberated approach to artistic expression is truly inspirational.

Helen studied Art History and Fine Arts at the Riverina Institute (TAFE NSW) and Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. In 2011 Helen graduated from the College of Fine Art (UNSW, Sydney) with a BA Fine Arts, majoring in Painting and Drawing.