Catherine Tate


Catherine Tate is a contemporary ceramic artist, stylist and teacher with a background in graphics and this eye for design influences her current work, bringing an appreciation of simple and striking colours and forms. Catherine graduated from Kingston Upon Thames Surrey UK with BA Hons in Graphic Design worked on Magazines as a Designer and Editor. Ten years ago, she started a ceramics class at WWAS and was hooked, since then she has studied at Hornsby and Brookvale TAFE Sydney.

As an exhibiting ceramic artist, she has recently had exhibitions at Saint Cloche and Kerrie Lowe in Sydney and Gallery’s in Melbourne and Walcha NSW.  Catherine’s work is informed by architecture and interiors – from contemporary minimalism to ancient architecture in rich decay.  Her current work responds to a fascination with the colours and textures that come with tenure.  The texture of Catherine’s vessels is rough and tactile, drawing on memories of peeling plaster walls – rough and chalky – yet in part still holding the pigments and rich history of time past.

A professional and experienced tutor, Catherine teaches adults and children’s ceramic and pottery classes at WWAS and teaches ceramics in the WWAS school holiday program. A local Eastern Suburbs resident she also teaches workshops at local schools. Recently Catherine was instrumental in organising an Open Studio at WWAS with the Ceramics Journal Magazine.

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