Slow Motion iii by Nancy Constandelia


acrylic on italian linen | 120 x 120 (diptych)

Nancy Constandelia’s paintings are documents of time. She embraces and captures time with deliberate slowness. The paintings are like photographs. Very much like Hiroshi Sugimoto’s time exposure photographs.

Constandelia creates her paintings through the slow accretion of thinly painted layers of paint which are deliberately translucent, creating a pentimento. Time and light exists within each layer as well as traversing across all the layers of the gradient.

“The limit of each of Constandelia’s paintings is the edge of the substrates they’re painted on. Constandelia brings this delineation – a limit – into the composition, featuring a strip of linen in the picture plane. The linen is present and active, but different to the painted areas. Here, we find a relationship between time and no-time, which might be space. The linen, like space, is where time happens: somewhere, someplace, everywhere, everyplace.

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