Pondering the cube in Covid by Robert Bennetts

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acrylic, oil stick, arches paper | 90 x 120

This work ‘Pondering the Cube in Covid’ evolved as a direct result of the lockdowns occurring in the Covid pandemic. During this time I have been forced to look inwards for inspiration and to refresh my interest in the basic fundamentals of artmaking. Consequently my work has focused on line, tone, colour and shape.

Much of the world we live in is based on the basic square box or cube in various manifestations. This idea encouraged me to investigate the simple cube as a starting point to create interesting linear drawings based on memory, observation, emotion and sensitivity.

These works I developed with colour thus becoming a complex and interesting studio practice, one that eventually encouraged me to produce a much greater thematic body of work, ‘Pondering the Cube in Covid’ is one such work.

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