Deconstructed Painting by Graziela Guardino


Acrylic on Unraveled Belgian Linen and wood | 44 x 55 x 1

Graziela Guardino’s practice investigates binary forces and dichotomies that pervade the human experience. Through subtle interventions and perceiving the integral histories and possibilities of objects, materials are transformed through a continuous process of experimentation—deconstructing, cutting, sewing, rebuilding. Linen threads are unravelled and lathered in paint to become solid forms, both symmetric and asymmetric, which drape across geometric frames. Their rich textures layer into shimmering monochromatic veils. These abstractions of colour, materiality, and form hover at the threshold of the tangible and intangible. By opening up a space where emotion and memory dominate, Guardino questions the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of how we experience the word.

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