Bushfire aftermath by Geoff Harvey


charcoal and acrylic on board | 90 x 110 | $4500.00

During the Black Summer of 2019-20 I was horrified to see country on fire. Like many other city dwellers there was nothing I could do to help. I have no knowledge of fire fighting & I felt completely helpless as these tragic events unfolded.

By coincidence I had been painting a series of landscapes ravaged by fire when Black Summer took hold I began to paint the actual fires then.

I felt absolute grief for country because this was a natural disaster of the highest order. My feeling of helplessness was channelled into the works. As well as a deep sadness for all the massive losses.

In recent times I have continued to paint & draw the landscape which has been destroyed by fire. It shocks me that climate change has already caused so much destruction to the environment. I can only hope that our society & our leaders have learnt from these tragic events. And we change, otherwise the future will be bleak.

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