Autumn Sunrise over Mountain Range by Marcel Cousins


airbrushed acrylic on canvas | 120 x 120

My work is characterized by an open-ended stance, allowing the viewer to complete the puzzle through memories, experiences, and cultural background each viewer possesses. The work is constructed to entice the viewer and the senses. The process results in a turning back on Art and engages in a process of re-evaluating and re-interpreting what has come before us to better understand the time we live in and the construct of our time. I explore ideas of creation, authorship and originality through the use and manipulation of cultural artifacts. Articulating ideas with multiple references and citations that go further than mere appropriation. The resultant works take on new characters that are markedly different from their original departure point. A character that is also influenced by the configuration of the objects and images installed in the gallery space, creating a dialogue between them.

The work sets out to provoke thought rather than be a definitive cultural statement. When viewed in a variety of contexts, both physically and philosophically, the work serves as a departure point that will hopefully encourage discussion and debate instead of providing a definitive point of view.

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