Accounting for Archetypes by Tonee Messiah

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oil on canvas | 122 x 152

Accounting for Archetypes sits within a body of work that extends on a practice of relational observation between psychological states and their reverberation in physical sensations.

Doubt and desire are explored as impulses that perform in opposition to each other but exist in close proximity. The polarising effects of these two states operate as activating forces, one to generate momentum and the other to temper and abate.

Presumptions about the innate roll of doubt and desire are brought into question. The choreography of both states operating within thought, and the responding sensations they create within the body form an impetus for abstract painting processes. Desire manifests as fast-moving, agitating and impulsive; its forms are animated and generative. Doubt arranges in and around the zones of desire as architecture to slow and still its erratic motion. This work addresses the affective trace of these impulses but also aims to question the organising principles that help to translate them.

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