Faux Pas – curated by Lisa Patroni

Faux Pas; a blunder, a mistake, a (dance) step out of place. Faux Pas brings together artists, Louise Allerton, Hany Armanious, Jesse Boyd Reid, Sarah Edmondson, Philippa Hagon, Kirtika Kain, Lisa Patroni, Virginia Reid and Oliver Wagner in an exhibition that explores failure, the ‘faux’ and the fake as recognised and celebrated parts of artistic strategy.
It explores how the reversals and the gaps between intention and realisation in creative production are often more interesting than the more orthodox ideas of success and completion.
Failures and mistakes can often give rise to more open-ended, less dogmatic space, where questions can be left unanswered and incongruencies left unresolved.
By resisting the authority of what is deemed “right” and “complete” and embracing doubt and paradox instead, a real pleasure can be found in failure and in the ‘faux pas’.

EXHIBITION 6—22 September 2019


Week 1: Fri. 11-6, Opening 6-8, Sat. 11-5
Week 2 – 3: Thurs. -Fri. 11-6, Sat. 11-5,
Week 1: Fri. 11-6, Opening 6-8, Sat. 11-5
Week 2 – 3: Thurs. -Fri. 11-6, Sat. 11-5, Week 3: 3-5 Artist Talk

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This post was written by Prue Cancian

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