Watercolour Open Studio with Tanya Baily

Tanya Watercolour

In Tanya’s classes students of all levels learn the skills and techniques involved in the beautiful art of watercolour painting. Tanya teaches drawing and colour mixing, different ways to apply washes, and students learn about papers and different materials. Students are encouraged to develop their own style and will experiment with different subject matter. The classes are structured around themes and learning outcomes, and Tanya works individually with each student at their own level.


Students can discuss with Tanya week by week, if they prefer to be in the studio or at home and run online as there are limited numbers permitted at the school.


The Virtual Studio learning experience with Tanya Baily

Tanya is present and active throughout the class session. She can respond to student questions immediately with live demonstrations and advice, show relevant images or videos relating to any student’s interest or development. Class numbers are strictly limited to ensure that there is time for group criticism sessions as well as individual help. The sessions are not recorded: these are bespoke classes happening in real time and each one is designed specifically for the students that enrol and attend.


Courses run for 9 weeks from start date. 

Mondays, 1:30pm to 4:30pm

$360 for 9 weeks