Painting for Kids with Philippa Hagon

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This class teaches students drawing, painting and mix-media skills in a relaxed and friendly online interactive real-time connection. Teacher and students meet Saturday mornings online to talk art, learn skills and make art. Concepts are introduced, explored and revisited to build a fundamental and in-depth understanding to creative thinking and learning. Imagination is used while improving observational and technical skills during this structured nine-week course.

Philippa is present and active in real-time throughout the online 2-hour sessions. Student questions are responded to promptly with advice or live demonstrations, relevant images or videos are shown relating to students interest and development. Class numbers are limited to ensure there is enough time for individual help and group criticism sessions. The sessions are not pre-recorded or recorded.

Students have the opportunity to post artworks and make comments created and inspired by the virtual sessions on the classes’ private Facebook page.

Virtual lesson structure

A classwork email will be sent a few days prior to the virtual art session – information of the class project, materials needed plus inspirational artist works for stimulus.

Zoom virtual session

An email with an invitation to join the group is sent approx.10 mins before the start of class.

When connected Philippa introduces the class project. All students and teacher remain connected throughout the session giving a classroom atmosphere and connection. Individual guidance and group talks are given discussing works created throughout the session with a final showing of works at the end of the session.


Basic Materials list

A3 or A4 journal – 110gsm cartridge paper

Graphite pencils – 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B

Coloured pencils

Textas – coloured


Sharpener, Soft rag, glue stick, glue, masking tape, scissors

Start collecting – Any materials that can be reused /recycled – packaging (cardboard, plastic, fruit netting etc), newspapers, magazines, gift wrap, tape, glue etc… anything you think has potential. Keep them all together in a biggish box for easy access. Cardboard boxes are great for constructions of flattened for drawing, painting, and collage.

Anything extra forewarning will be given

Saturdays, 10.00am to 12.00 pm

$250 for 9 weeks