Contemporary Painting with Philippa Hagon

PTA interior

In this course you will be looking at what is happening in Painting today…

Various approaches are used to help extend & inspire new directions in your own art practice… at the same time developing & connecting to your sensibility & creative strengths.

Painting & drawing techniques will be taught such as but not limited to:- line, shape & form, colour & light, mark making variations, collage, spatial complexities, compositional devices, scale changes plus material & medium use.

Working from observation & existing material students will produce multiple studies each informing the next with surprising results quite different from the source material… pushing further into abstraction & blurring the line between abstract & representation. Artists both Historical & Contemporary will be looked at & their influences discussed.

A series of works will be developed. Exploration & development will be different for each student.

Students are welcome to bring in their own images or subject as a catalyst

All levels welcome


Thursdays, 1.30pm to 4.30pm

$360 for 9 weeks