Contemporary Plein Air Painting with Kevin McKay

Painting by Tutor Kevin McKay

Explore the world of landscape painting and learn to paint confidently in the studio and outside using acrylic or oil paints. This course introduces various methods of responding to natural and human-made environments, working in the studio and on site at various back streets and seaside locations throughout the Eastern Suburbs. Kevin McKay shows you how to make quick plein air studies and compose a landscape painting in the studio, with tips on how to apply the motifs and methods of historical and contemporary master in response to the everyday.  Kevin will provide guidance on the principles of composition and perspective, and practical tips on essential painting materials and how to use them, with demonstrations on colour mixing and tips on how to bring atmosphere and drama into your painting.  This course will further your skills and build your confidence as a painter in a supportive and creative environment.

Tuesdays, 2.00pm to 4.30pm

$300 for 9 weeks