Home Studio *Virtual Studio Term 2* with Gria Shead

By Gria Shead
Home Studio
is an in-house studio class carrying on from the previous studio-based classes. The studio will be a core theme in developing your own space for working no matter where you are.
Over the course of nine weeks, themes will be discussed and projects set. You will be given individual guidance and support to broaden your scope, strengthen your ability and enhance your studio practice. 
The Virtual Studio learning experience with Gria Shead
Gria is present throughout the duration of the 3-hour class. The classes are for a set number of students so that there is enough time for everyone’s questions and needs to be responded to straight away. Gria will give demonstrations in real time during the class. She will observe individually and offer guidance and suggestions to help you develop your practice. The classes are not pre-recorded; nor will they be recorded while they are happening.




In-Studio Class Info when we return to the Art School for Term 3:

Joy of Painting – Hosted by Artist Gria Shead, will be teaching Joy of Painting.

The focus of the class is to develop individual painting style of each student artist and the teacher’s high priority is to communicate the joy of painting and creating the image. The aim of this class is to encourage the individual student artist’s development of a visual language.

Bring along your favourite painting materials and let Gria, with her wealth of experience, help you to explore, enhance and add depth to your paintings.

Courses run for 9 weeks from start date.  

Wednesdays, 1:30pm to 4:30pm

$360 for 9 weeks