Draw with Philippa Hagon

PJ Hagon, 2015, charcoal, 110 x 90cm300

Drawing is fundamental to all artistic disciplines. This online class teaches fundamental drawing skills for the complete beginner and revisits skills for the advanced student.

The fundamental skills of observation & structure are the jumping off points… from there the fun begins with what drawing can be!  A search for the individual’s creative strengths, sensibilities, intuition and expression are explored.

Skills and techniques from old masters to contemporary artists are used for students to learn compositional devices, spatial complexities, tonal qualities, colour theory, line, shape, mark making variations etc. A variety of materials and mediums including, graphite, charcoal, ink and collage are explored as are the genres of still life, interiors, portraiture, the figuration, landscape and abstraction. This is an exciting class with a wide range of student drawing abilities from the beginner to advance levels.

Thursdays, 10.00am to 1.00pm

$360 for 9 weeks