Contemporary lnk-Splash Chinese Watercolour Class with Bronwen Wade Leeuwen


Contemporary Chinese ink-splash painting is not just black marks on white paper but a philosophy and practice meditation based on traditional north Asian principles. It is the spiritual energy or ‘qi’ that flows through the artist’s brush that determines its true quality.

Bronwen is an artist who has immersed herself in this technique and strives to teach by guiding students to experimental and have fun exploring colour through a yin-yang balance to create poetic meaning within their work.

This course involves throwing or pouring watercolors and ink on various surfaces and finishing the painting using traditional brush work and found materials. In this course, you will learn how to place each stroke of the brush with an inner poetic spiritual value that captures the essence of the subject or form. Classes are suitable for beginners to more experienced artists looking for a new way to express themselves through and East West gaze.


Thursdays, 6.30 to 9.30

$250 for 5 weeks