Camera Fundamentals with Asaf Sultan


You just bought your new DSLR camera and feel a bit overwhelmed by all the features and functions or you might be using your camera and never developed the foundations to make informed, creative choices, either way camera fundamentals is the course for you.

Become familiar with the term’s aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, composition, white balance and more. During the course you will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with these photographic pillars in a friendly, creative community space.

The nine-week course is divided into two parts.

Part one: Develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of photographic foundations.

Part two personal project: each participant will select a subject and develop it over the period of 4-weeks.

The project will be an opportunity to focus the mind, plan, explore and execute the idea whilst utilising the skills and knowledge developed in the first part of the course. Participants will expose themselves to a variety of ideas and experiences shared in the group. Be inspired and gain the confidence to explore, acquire knowledge and fuel the urge to create.


Student Material List:  Tripod, DSLR (digital camera) computer with Adobe Lightroom installed. 

Thursdays, 6:30pm to 9:00pm

$360 for 5 weeks