End of Year Student Show – 2020

All of us here at Waverley Woollahra Art School would like to thank all the students who continued with us in virtual classes during covid, and returned to the studio when we were able to open back up.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season and New Years.

We have 3 wonderful judges for our end of year show. Thank you to

Madeline – http://madeleinepreston.com.au
Susan – https://www.susanbaird.com.au
Angela – https://angelahayson.com

Joan Purves 2020

Chosen Artist: Sharan Daly – Student of Philippa Hagon
Artworks: Central work is Joan Purves with Sharan Daly’s artworks each side.

David Purves joined us for the presentation and enjoyed a great conversation with Sharan remarking on the similarities between her work and his mother, Joan.

“Sharan Daly is a long time and dedicated student at the Waverley Woollahra Art School, and is a pleasure to teach. I am grateful Sharan has had faith in me and chosen me as her tutor and I am thrilled to see her receive such great encouragement” Philippa shared.

Sharan was nominated for the Joan Purves Encouragement prize because of her commitment and search to find her own poetry and language within her painting practice. Her paintings don’t just take the easy path of the beautiful; they can be difficult, curious, humorous and sometimes quite strange. They have both a familiar and unfamiliar presence. There is an honesty and integrity to the work, always probing her sensibility, skill and subject matter. 

Sharan engages with past and present art histories and painting practices, yet is not heavily influenced by any particular artist, style or genre. Her work is open, fresh and experimental allowing the paintings to evolve through a conversation between subject and aesthetic considerations -composition, colour and marks put down- in each work. She is sensitive, considered even a little tentative at times, but not afraid to make big moves for the work to find itself. 

Sharan’s subject delves into family histories and her own life experiences allowing an intersection of life and art.